Flash forward to , and Barboza — then The New York Times Shanghai bureau chief — was about to publish the first of a series of articles showing corruption in high levels of the Chinese government.

Ping An means "safe and well. February 23, Not available 7. 

No conclusive cause for the disaster was ever found, though some lower-level employees were convicted. Fraulen and had 3 kids:

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DealBook Briefing: Who Isn’t Worried About Elon Musk? Tesla shares dropped after the company founder’s emotional interview with The New York Times.

But Rothstein is secretly a criminal mastermind. February 23, Not available 7. This gang of teenagers robs celebrity homes. How far will they go to be like their favorite stars?

But Pang has a shady past, a gambling habit and a murdered wife. March 9, Not available 8. But it's curtains for Vilar when he scams the mother of a Hollywood star. His insatiable desire to be a sports mogul drives him to commit a multimillion-dollar fraud.

March 16, Not available 9. The Slaughterhouse A slaughterhouse employs hundreds of workers in a small Iowa town. But there are whispers of threats, extortion and shocking child labor abuses. Sholom Rubashkin runs the family business. Is he a dutiful son or a corporate crook? March 23, Not available Kings of Counterfeit A tough guy from Chicago's South Side finds his way off the streets and into a lucrative life in counterfeiting.

March 30, Not available The Folsom Felon - Stefan Wilson says his investment fund is a sure-fire winner. Investors even mortgage their homes to join his fund.

But business with Wilson comes at a very high price. April 6, Not available Hedge Fund Imposter Marc Dreier is a high-powered lawyer with celebrity clients. April 13, Not available In the blink of an eye, he disappears and leaves clients without their life savings.

April 20, Not available Nose No Bounds Dr. Mark Weinberger-a self-proclaimed "nose doctor" - has it all and isn't afraid to flaunt it. But inside The Weinberger Sinus Clinic, all is not what it seems.

April 27, Not available September 7, Not available But Starr doesn't stop there. January 25, Not available Master of Deadly Deceit Carlos Perez-Olivo is a successful lawyer with a silver tongue and solid gold taste. But when he's disbarred for fleecing desperate clients, he finds another way to make money The male students apart from those already mentioned earlier, included the following; Merlin Peiris, Hitler Peiris, Gananath Obeysekara, K.

Vadivel, Harsha Gunaratna, S. Suriapperuma, Neville Jayaweera, P. Fernando, Buddhadasa Hawavitarana, I. Bandula Silva, the Jayawickrema brothers, J. Madugalla, Justin Jayasuriya, Nalin Mendis, among a number of others that one cannot readily recall now after 75 years. Among the female students of that pioneering batch that come to mind, apart those mentioned above in respect of earlier activities, include the following: Most of the above pioneer students ended up in the top echelons of the Public Service and various government departments — the Civil Service, Foreign Service, Armed Services and Police, the Judiciary while several joining the Central Bank, the University staff and the mercantile sector.

A few ended up as members of Parliament and even as Cabinet Ministers while quite a number also joined various international organisations. However, unfortunately most of the old batch pioneer students are presently no more having passed away in course of time and relatively only a few are still left in the Departure Lounge.

Of the old time professors and lecturers too almost all of them are no more except a few such as V. Wickramesinghe whom I met recently and perhaps a few others. I believe with the demise recently of Prof. Indraratna, the only old professor who is still there and whom I recently visited and paid my respects, is Prof. Jayadeva Tilakasiri Sanskrit who at years is quite feeble and looked after at a private home for the aged in Panadura.

In retrospect, university life comprised days of achievement and delight. We had unobtrusively acquired sound core values which have stood us in good stead in the mundane humdrum world to which we are all relegated in the mould of convention. Rajaratne With grandiosity, the Diamond Jubilee of the University of Ceylon was celebrated at the premises of University of Peradeniya throughout last year.

This yearlong jubilation was orchestrated as a chain of miniature jubilations, by each faculty at a time. This quote has made periodic appearances on several occasions during the past 75 years and the latest occasion was last year and as usual its limelight is rapidly fading away.

The plaque fixed at the entrance of the Senate building bears this quote and states that it was pronounced by H. H the Duke of Edinburgh Prince Philip in his speech of declaration on April 20, at the opening ceremony of the University of Ceylon at Peradeniya. Many believe that this quote holds a deep philosophical meaning etched to it.

However, for unknown reason, without any meticulous research but only on speculations there have been efforts to rationalise this riddling quote. Less significant speculation interprets the quote to establish the notion that the University does and should operate sans fences and gates and sometimes without walls like the basement of the Senate building.

It is certain that the above interpretations are based entirely on the quote etched on to the plaque while disregarding the rest of the declaration speech. The plaque which appears to have been erected much later generates a fair amount of doubt as it has a mismatch with the content of the original speech.

The University of Ceylon has undergone a series of unveilings and establishments throughout its first 13 years; first, its establishment in Colombo on July 1, by Sir Ivor Jennings; second, laying the foundation stone at Peradeniya on August 31, by Sir John Kotalawala; third, laying the foundation stone of the proposed Convocation Hall on February 12, by the Duke of Gloucester; fourth, the official establishment on October 6, by Sir Ivor Jennings; and finally the grand opening on April 20, by the Duke of Edinburgh in the presence of Queen Elizabeth II.

The successor, Queen Elizabeth II, soon after her coronation, made a series of official visits to several commonwealth nations along with her consort Prince Philip. Ceylon too was on the list. During their day stay in Ceylon, the Royal House had paid visits to a few other places in addition to the University of Ceylon. Trinity College Kandy was one such place. These two sentences bridge the historical and the pragmatic aspects of the most sought after proverb in the literature of the University of Peradeniya.

The persistent attacks devastated the streets of Britain, and shops of the commoner were not an exception. However, to quite their surprise, the British vendors were not agitated even at the slightest. Their resilience, marketing spirit, and sense of humor were portrayed even at dire straits as they kept their shops open. Doors, windows, roofs and even walls were blown out by the bombing.

Or you can let them in on what you really do. You fight the worldwide fight against fraud. Where fraud fighters unite. Ratley, CFE, spoke during the opening general session about the history of the anti-fraud profession and necessary CFE leadership tenets. He pointed out that many of the fundamentals CFEs strongly adhere to today were learned by trial and error. We simply didn't have the visibility that we do now.

Finding the law enforcement agency that had jurisdiction was seldom ever a problem since the fraudulent activity was confined to one jurisdiction. Of our 75, members, more than 30 percent reside outside of the United States. We are also proud to have members in more than countries around the world. Some of these positions didn't even exist when the ACFE started, and others had no interest in or responsibility for fraud.

A college graduate didn't know what a fraud examiner was, much less that fraud was something that could be prevented and detected in a formal way.

In alone, more than 3. That … will leave a huge hole in organizational knowledge, experience and leadership. By , they will comprise over 75 percent of the total workforce. There will be a wealth of information made available to you over the next few days. I would encourage you to absorb as much as possible," Ratley said. But we've also committed as an association that the strong leadership must be continuous," he said. And it will be their jobs to select and train the generation that follows.

So while the faces must change over time, we will always be true to the ideals we began with — to be the finest professional organization. Three excellent speakers led Pre-Conference sessions. What We've Learned in 25 Years of Interviewing.

You should be very proud of your efforts. Tracks ranged from "Fraud Investigation and Remediation: Not if, but When" and "Awareness, Prevention and Deterrence: Is Any of This Working? Rakoff said the real winners of the honor should be the members of the ACFE because they root out fraud to an unprecedented degree. The Cressey Award, the ACFE's highest honor, is presented annually for a lifetime of achievement in the detection and deterrence of fraud.

Cressey was one of the foremost fraud experts and an ACFE founding father. Cliff Robertson Sentinel Award: Presented to a journalist whose determination, perseverance and commitment to the truth has contributed significantly to the fight against fraud.

Baker Speaker of the Year Award: Presented annually to honor an individual who had demonstrated the true spirit of leadership in communication, presentation and quality instruction. Certified Fraud Examiner of the Year Award: Muna Buchahin Abulhosn, Ph. Chapter of the Year Award: Chapter Website of the Year Award: Presented annually for the outstanding feature article published in the magazine. Educator of the Year Award: Presented annually to the person receiving the highest annual score on the CFE Exam.

District Judge for the Southern District of New York, said that historians of the Great Recession will say that fraud played a major role in creating a mortgage bubble that led to the crash, but that few of the people most responsible for that fraud were ever brought to justice.

In the late s, the Securities and Exchange Commission expanded securities fraud prosecutions to reach high-level executives, big-firm accountants and attorneys who had perpetrated huge frauds, Rakoff said. But Rakoff said these frauds were nothing compared to those caused by mortgage-backed securities in the financial meltdown. Fraud permeated every part of the system, he said — banks, mortgage companies, rating agencies. The mortgage bubble "was rooted in fraud at every level," he said.

But the disaster was of such magnitude, that the one clear response of the government was to bailout the very banks that had created the problem for fear that otherwise the economy would collapse. You offer him a cup of coffee and begin building some rapport. You immediately begin watching his hands, face and posture.


Cost Effective Internal Investigations: Jeff Clark 

The largest anti-fraud conference in the world encourages attendees to keep fighting the good fight. Let's face it. Examining for fraud can be hard. You discover a problem, analyze data, study public documents, trace transactions, interview subjects, collect evidence, write reports and, possibly.

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From the Magazine How Wells Fargo’s Cutthroat Corporate Culture Allegedly Drove Bankers to Fraud. Russell Atkinson served as an FBI Special Agent for 25 years, where he specialized in high-technology crimes in Silicon Valley. He was the first to investigate Raj Rajaratnam, the high-tech hedge fund manager who was convicted of massive insider trading in

October 6, marked the Seventy-fifth anniversary Diamond Jubilee of the University of Peradeniya. Although the University of Ceylon itself was established on June 1, , the first move to Peradeniya was made only in with just a few students comprising the Law and Agriculture Faculties and occupying Arunachalam Hall. DealBook Briefing: Who Isn’t Worried About Elon Musk? Tesla shares dropped after the company founder’s emotional interview with The New York Times.

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