Successful Forex Traders And Other Rags To Riches Stories

Bill Lipschutz said that he never remember making a decision to be a trader.

In , Griffin started to invest during his freshman year at Harvard University after reading a Forbes magazine article. As an investor, Soros was a short-term speculator, making huge bets on the directions of financial markets. 

Traders who adhered to this rule were 3 times more likely to turn a profit over the course of these 12 months—a substantial difference. In , Griffin started to invest during his freshman year at Harvard University after reading a Forbes magazine article.

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I know because I hear the stories. This is by no means a complete list, but it does cover some of the more important and less common characteristics.

To put it succinctly — mindset. And doing something wrong is bad. Thinking this way will only dig the hole deeper. The successful Forex trader has the mindset that a loss is simply feedback.

But just remember that even a trade that ends up as a loss can be the right decision. How is that possible? A far too common saying is that trading losses are the cost of doing business. Instead of labeling a loss as a business cost, why not think of it as a business investment? Each loss is an investment in your trading business and ultimately your trading education. This is a much more constructive way of spending your money.

It gives us some insight into the minds of other traders. Having some idea of where buy and sell orders are in the market is critical to becoming a successful Forex trader. How do you handle losses? What do you do when you win? These are all things that make up your trading edge. Nor do you have to master all of them to start putting the odds in your favor. Instead, become a master of two or three factors. This might apply to other ventures in life, but Forex is the exception. This is different from studying hard.

As a new trader to Forex, studying the market to include how different currency pairs move is highly recommended. I would often come back to my trading desk multiple times on Saturday and Sunday.

I was trying too hard to make it work… As soon as I stopped over-analyzing trade setups and trying to make them work, my profit curve started to rise. The exception being the charts I post on this site of course. Learn to trust your intuition and stop second guessing yourself. Think about your last trade for a moment. Or were you more focused on the number of pips and the percentage of your account at risk? This convenience has caused a huge oversite. This is because pips and percentages carry no emotional value.

So when you define your risk on a trade as a percentage, it only triggers the logical side of your brain and leaves the emotional side searching for more. Successful Forex traders know this. In other words, trading Forex to gain a certain amount of money within a specific period of time. I would be contradicting myself if I made that statement. No trader can sustain that kind of pressure and become consistently profitable.

That kind of environment will only foster destructive emotions like fear and greed. All successful Forex traders know when to walk away and take a break. Those who are truly passionate about trading Forex know how hard it can be sometimes to walk away from the market.

Walking away can be especially difficult after a trade. This is because our emotions are running wild and often get the best of us. I took up publishing my own market research in forums instead. It was valuable experience but somewhat disappointing. It was not entirely my fault. My broker was also to blame for some technical problems, which were solved successfully a few months later.

As for me, I also made some progress — I worked out an algorithm for an Expert Adviser. Loopholes and bugs were detected and fixed by their support department. I would have never made such achievements without the help of the technical support team, to which I extend my thanks. What is your strategy?

Spotting market inefficiencies and trading on them. Statistics, confidence intervals and many other factors are of great importance here. That is why the number of trades per day may exceed , while the number of trading orders can be well over , Here we are not talking about high-frequency trading.

However such trading specifics entail certain restrictions imposed by the MT4 platform. Personally, I take the advantage of placing orders in Level II thus being able to affect the price directly. That is the reason why I prefer Limit Orders in my trading. In this case I can act as a kind of institutional market maker, offering better prices compared to those set by banks. I just react rapidly and grab ECN liquidity, directly bypassing sluggish intermediaries such as trading platforms.

It gives me a chance to take the best possible orders form the STP without negative slippage. At the same time it provides an opportunity to compensate for a substantial part of commission through the frequent positive slippage. In this process, everything is tuned to maximize fill rate and minimize trading costs. So, I tend to use not only the standard bid history when searching for market inefficiencies, but the ask history too.

Fortunately, this functionality is provided by the broker in their MT4 trading platform. Almost every algo trader arrives at the point of creating personal research and trading infrastructure, which includes collection and storage of market data, back testing, visualization and logging of numerous trading parameters and so on. You are actually reinventing the wheel and developing a tool that could be universal for all algo traders and their trading styles. If you have the infrastructure, you can dedicate most of the time to different research and analysis.

Everyone has his own methods and tools of how and where to dig and delve and where not to. As a rule, an algo trader makes himself a hostage to his own strategies and ideas which are hard to digress from or abandon.

That is why it is always worth expanding horizons by learning new visions of the market and approaches to trading as a whole.

Certain currency pairs are closely related in forex, therefore there is not one specific answer to this question. Any currency pair can be traded by means of two other pairs. There is as well an opportunity to trade currencies not only in pairs but in units of three or four.

That is why it would be more precise to say that the whole trading must be based on synthetic currency. I have posted on forums regarding this issue. I intended to speak to some competent EA creators and developers from the stock market sector during the Best Private Investor contest.

Unfortunately, most of them have a rather vague idea of what institutional forex is. I have a different, unconventional attitude to it. But such trading terms as prices, liquidity, latency, execution, pricing model, commission and API play a crucial role.

Choose the best broker, the one that best suits your strategy. By doing so you will only have to fight with the market itself. They say success in forex is a myth. However, you have shown a phenomenal result. What is your secret? Every person has his own vision of success. I have had to go through certain stages of development.


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Successful Forex Traders And Other Rags To Riches Stories I will admit that I really wanted to do an article about successful Forex traders and their stories but finding them online was virtually impossible.

If you feel suspicious about the stories of success on Forex, when a person starts trading and raises to lofty heights "from scratches", and consider them to be some kind of science fiction or Cinderella tales, then you're going to be very surprised. Feb 18,  · Therefore, MT5 Forex Forum is not responsible for any kind of loss that might occur during any attempt to replicate the success of the traders in the stories. Last edited by PhantomTrader79; at AM. 

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"Never give up, even if you lose and fail all the time"

Hearing another success story of the Forex trader might as old to some people, as motivating to others. I think this one will be at least useful to many Forex traders. Experienced and professional Forex traders can say that part time Forex trading can’t be good and that it will always lack the “full market control and awareness”. Dec 15,  · 7. Forex trading is parallel to sports betting, binary options, casinos, lotto & other dice throwing games. Likening all these to forex trading & treating it as gambling is the beginning of your financial sorrow. Stocks, futures & forex are not gambling in the true sense of the word. 8. If you can't trade, leave your money in a savings account. 9.

We've looked at the biggest Forex successful traders, but there is an army of profitable traders out there. Joining the list of people who are able to consistently turn a profit each month trading FX, is an achievable goal. The attitude to trading in the forex markets is no different. By blending good analysis with effective implementation, your success rate will improve dramatically and, like many skill sets, good trading comes from a combination of talent and hard work.

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