Arthur Leigh Allen's accomplice?

In , an episode of the History Channel television series MysteryQuest looked at newspaper editor Richard Gaikowski —

Myers died in , but Kenney allegedly had difficulties getting officers to cooperate and take the claims seriously. 

Allen attended Vallejo College, majoring in liberal arts.

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In , Allen enlisted in the Navy and Rinehart joined the Marines. Allen scored a on his IQ test, five points below genius, and Rinehart’s score was The two friends rarely spoke about the Zodiac killings, three of which occurred in Vallejo. “We must have talked about it, but I don’t remember,” Rinehart said.

The Zodiac killer was a serial killer in the state of California. Persons have come forward and state to have seen him in the Riverside area and in the Nevada state in multiple sightings throughout the state.

He sent coded messages to the police and claimed that his name was in the last message he sent. As in , the message was decoded and the main suspect turned up to be the Zodiac Killer. He name was Arthur Leigh Allen. Before the message was decoded, there was some circumstantial evidence like the brand of typewriter used to type a letter sent to the Riverside Police Department from Cheri Jo Bates's killer was identified as a Royal with an elite type, the same brand of typewriter which was found during a search of Allen's residence in February , he owned and wore a Zodiac brand wristwatch and also Allen lived in Vallejo and worked minutes away from where one of the first victims lived and where one of the killings took place.

Allen was a very, very good suspect. We looked into Mr. Allen in when relatives and friends told police he was acting erratically," and that "Mr. Allen had reportedly told some people that he was the Zodiac killer. Allen" seemed an obligatory gesture to the dead. Finally the police confirmed 5 dead, 2 injured from the number he claimed which were 37 victims. That confection was not backed up. Arthur Leigh Allen died in almost 20 years before his message was decoded.

Four men and three women between the ages of 16 and 29 were targeted. Numerous suspects have been named by law enforcement and amateur investigators but no conclusive evidence has surfaced. The killer coined the name "Zodiac" for himself in a series of taunting letters sent to the local Bay Area press.

How old is the Zodiac Killer? I depends on who you think the Zodiac was. If you go by the bestselling book by Robert Graysmith then the Zodiac would be 77 years old.

Recently there was DNA testing on some envelopes from some of Allen's correspondence but it did not match Allen's. But there was no proof that he licked his own envelopes personally. Allen had a nearly genuis IQ, and although DNA was not possible when the Zodiac crimes were commited, Allen was smart enough to not put anything of a personal nature that could in anyway lead back to him.

After Graysmith's book was published, police were getting ready to bring him in when he suffered a fatal heart attact. Graysmith puts out a pretty strong argument for Allen being the killer. In fact, in his research he found that Allen used to visit Southern California on a regular basis, and his visits south align with several murders around L. Was the Zodiac Killer ever caught?

Since late October of the suspected zodic killers step sonfound evidence of his step dad to be the killer. Investigators arestill investigating and collecting DNA. None of these have been coroborated by authoritiesso this means that so far the zodiac killer is not identified.

Heshould be around 67 if he has not died something very difficultsince the killings and letters stopped. Nobody thinks the zodiacwould stop killing on his own. The police were preparing to make an arrest when Allen was found dead on his kitchen floor in the house on Fresno St. Allen always had immpecable timing.

What did the Zodiac Killer say in his letters? He began writing things like Bites had to die, there will be more. That was the only thing one of his first letters said. He also wrote bloody poems of his work and what he had in his decrepit mind. He also wrote letters letting the police know he was the zodiac killer and would tell things about the murders no other person would know.

The most interesting things he mailed the police was the codes. They were very intricate and depicted a high level of education and IQ What does the Zodiac Killer look like? For the few that actually saw him and lived to tell their stories described him as a white male, approximate height of 5'9" to 5'11", stocky build, age 35 to 39 years old and had a lumbering gait.

The Lake Berryessa victim Bryan Hartnell was the only surviving witness to see him in full costume. Black clothes, black hood over his head with eyeholes, black boots and a gunsight emblem or crosshair on his chest.

The date was March It was yet another occasion when someone close to Allen died on a significant Zodiac date. He's the man that shot me! Allen, an outdoorsman, frequented recreational areas such as Berryessa often, trapping game, scuba-diving and camping. Lynch, in an Oct. Zodiac," who wrote taunting letters about his San Francisco crimes. Later, Allen attempted to use a deceased elderly neighbor as an alibi, claiming this neighbor, William White, had seen Allen the afternoon of the Berryessa attack and that the two had a conversation.

At this time another William White, a ranger from Napa County, was all over the news as a spokesman on the Berryessa attack. Neighbor White died within a couple of weeks of this alleged encounter. His birthday was Dec. During a police interrogation, Allen admitted to having possession of bloody knives the day of the Berryessa attack, claiming he used the knives to "kill a chicken. Hartnell had been taken to see Allen at his place of employment by a DOJ representative in the mids.

Zodiac left size According to a police report, Allen wore size To date, even though it was an item it was looking for, VPD has not attempted matching Allen's knife to the wounds of the Berryessa victims. Amazingly, the address Stine was headed when he encountered Zodiac was 9th Ave.

Exactly one week earlier, Allen had been interviewed by VPD's Lynch at the elementary school where Allen worked as a janitor. If Lynch had asked to see Allen's driver's license, he might have noticed that the issue date was Oct. According to a police report, in Allen's old nemesis Ralph Spinelli came forward to VPD claiming that just prior to the Stine murder, Allen had admitted he was Zodiac and would "prove it by going to San Francisco and killing a cabbie.

In no other attack did Zodiac take items from his victims. It is a matter of fact that Zodiac did, indeed, prove he was Stine's killer and he did so by including scraps of Stine's bloody shirt in his subsequent taunting letters to the news media. One such letter was postmarked Nov. Ingredients for the bomb included ammonium nitrate, fertilizer and gravel. Zodiac claimed in the letter that the bomb was being stored in his basement and that his "killing tools" were acquired through "mail order outfits.

Also found were mail-order catalogs for bombs, guns and booby traps. Both were students, both had the middle name "Lee" spelled "Leigh" by Allen and both were born on Dec.

Most of the information about this suspect found elsewhere is grossly inaccurate: Arthur Leigh Allen was born in Honolulu, Hawaii. Allen was reared in Vallejo, Calif. It is suspected that Zodiac had very close ties to Vallejo, most likely as a resident. Allen attended Vallejo College, majoring in liberal arts. He received his associate of arts degree in Allen worked as a lifeguard at the Plunge in Vallejo.

He received his bachelor's degree in Allen enlisted in the U. Zodiac was thought to have an affiliation with the military, most likely the Navy. Allen was arrested by the Vallejo Police Department for disturbing the peace as the result of an altercation with acquaintance Ralph Spinelli. Zodiac demonstrated an animosity toward the police. It could have stemmed from a perceived mistreatment. Allen was discharged from the Navy.

Allen, attempting to gain his teaching credential, was hired by Santa Rosa Elementary in Atascadero, Calif. Allen worked two summers as a psychiatric technician at Atascadero State Hospital in Atascadero, Calif. He was eventually fired for having a loaded weapon in his car on school grounds. Allen was incapacitated with a "severely lacerated leg," allegedly the result of a motorcycle accident.

His teaching career ended when he was fired for molesting a student. Allen's mother, Bernice, gave him a Zodiac watch as a gift. According to Allen's brother, Ron, the watch was received in December Allen allegedly confided in Don Cheney that he intended to kill couples at random, threaten school children in taunting letters to the police and call himself "Zodiac. Living back at home with his parents, Allen was terminated from his part-time job at a gas station in Vallejo where he had worked for approximately six months.

In August , Allen was described by this former employer as being "undependable with a drinking problem. Shortly after the murder of Darlene Ferrin, a relative of the victim informed investigators that Darlene had a relationship of some sort with a man named "Lee". During Allen's stint at Cave, Zodiac wrote letters threatening school children. It is unknown who turned Allen in as a suspect or why.

Allen later admitted that when asked by Lynch where he was on Sept. Allen supposedly told Ralph Spinelli he would soon be "going to San Francisco to kill a cabbie. Allen attended Sonoma State College, majoring in biological sciences with a minor in chemistry. He completed all academic requirements in , but did not receive his bachelor's of science degree until after July During Allen's stint at Sonoma State, the Zodiac murders apparently ceased.

However, the Sonoma coed killings began. According to retired special agent Jim Silver of the California Department of Justice, if you mapped where the coeds were last seen and where they were later found dead, Allen's trailer would be directly in the center. Eventually, many other murders were suspected of being the work of Zodiac. One investigator theorized that Zodiac was choosing crime scenes to form a giant Z. Allen's father, Ethan, died at age Ethan was a retired, highly decorated naval commander.

Ethan Allen died on what would have been Darlene Ferrin's 24th birthday. When Allen became a suspect, this was looked at with suspicion. Allen was employed as a junior chemist at an oil refinery in Pinole, Calif. The Manhattan Beach Calif. It was decided that more background information on Allen would be obtained before any contact would be made with him. Mulanax immediately began investigating Allen. The last authenticated Zodiac letter had been mailed in March , just a few months earlier.

However, after Allen's interview by police, it would be two-and-a-half years before Zodiac would write again. SFPD obtained a search warrant against Allen and made him submit handwriting samples. Detectives found several bizarre items during the search, but nothing that would incriminate Allen in the Zodiac crimes.

Allen was arrested by the Sonoma County Sheriff's Department on a charge of child molesting. Zodiac had written several times in , breaking a two-and-a-half year silence. However, no authenticated Zodiac letter was ever received again after Allen's arrest.

After pleading guilty, Allen began serving his sentence at Atascadero Calif. Allen completed his sentence and was released from Atascadero.

This employment ended on Mar. June 25, through Allen found sporadic employment in Vallejo, including a stint as an aide to senior citizens. Allen also worked at Ace Hardware on Tennessee Street for several years, as a buyer for the tool and garden departments. Bernice Allen died at age VPD executed a search warrant against Allen and found a huge cache of weapons.


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Arthur Leigh Allen Robert Graysmith's book Zodiac advanced Arthur Leigh Allen as a potential suspect based on circumstantial evidence. Allen had been interviewed by police from the early days of the Zodiac investigations and was the subject of several search warrants over a year period.

May 13,  · Arthur Leigh Allen: Historically, Arthur Leigh Allen has been the name tied most closely to Zodiac suspect lists. If you saw the David Fincher film “Zodiac” based on the book by Robert Graysmith, you probably left the movie convinced Arthur Leigh Allen was the Zodiac killer and that there just wasn’t enough evidence to charge him. In , Allen enlisted in the Navy and Rinehart joined the Marines. Allen scored a on his IQ test, five points below genius, and Rinehart’s score was The two friends rarely spoke about the Zodiac killings, three of which occurred in Vallejo. “We must have talked about it, but I don’t remember,” Rinehart said. 

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On October 6th , ten days after the Lake Berryessa attack, Sergeant John Lynch from the Vallejo Police Department interviewed Arthur Leigh Allen, with Allen stating that he traveled to Salt Point Ranch, located on the coast, due west of Napa on September 26th for a spot of scuba diving. Click Below For Zodiac Suspect Arthur Leigh Allen ↳ Arthur Leigh Allen -- General Discussion; ALA IQ. 14 posts 1; 2; Next; The suspect most scrutinized by police.

What was the education level of the Zodiac (Graysmith names Arthur Leigh Allen) his IQ was in the mid to Arthur Leigh Allen was a long-time suspect for. Arthur Allen said, â they were from an ex-con friend of his that had died years ago,â correct? Who was this ex-con and could he have been the author of the letters and ciphers? Have you seen or know who this man was? Iâ m still not convinced that Arthur Leigh Allen wasnâ t involved.

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