However, traders tend to keep things simple by using only a handful of inputs. 

Hence your account risk management is completely in the hands of the forex traders you copy.

Trading Systems Review 

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I also had a margin call and topped up my account. Many other people got caught out and their accounts got completed wiped out. The big draw down continues in Mar until last night they decided without warning to remove SignalPower and forced close all open trades.

I lost all my money. I don't think they have capital management in place and do not set stop losses on their trades. They are more focused on showing good profit and ignore draw down until the account is completely wiped out and remove the signal without warning. Michael, Feb 7, , Guest I been trading with them for 3 weeks I deposited 42k noq I have 32k these guys don't know what they doing I just pulled out also if you do ur research signals are changing all the time because different signals lose everything so they just publish new ones You want to Gamble go ahead just remember you will lose everything very soon Mark, Nov 18, , Guest I have been using the website for over three years now.

There are signals on it which are not as accurate as others however on the whole I have gained money when using this website, in this day and age it is hard to find a reliable Forex signal website, they also allow the use of various reliable brokers and not just one particular broker.

Don't ever ever subscribe to this signal provider. They are going to wipe out your account. After a month of subscription, I got a margin call from my broker because of massive drawdowns. I deposited additional funds and I had to closed some of the losing trades to avoid farther drawdowns.

Two weeks after, the drawdowns was threatening the account again, so I had to have the nerve to close all the open trades and disconnected the account with them. That's how fast they can blow your hard earned money. Their system was mostly trading against the strong trend with no stop losses.

All of them use their own real money account to send the signals i. All the traders also need to go through a Signal Trader evaluation process before they get accepted. These traders in return are paid USD 0. While most Trade System descriptions mention that signals are taken automatically, they also mention the fact that there are professional traders continuously monitoring the systems and trade positions, intervening when needed.

The ones with multiple trades open over a longer period do seem to have hedged many of their positions, meaning overall risk is managed. During this period, 4 new ones were also added. In comparison with other similar networks this is a very low turnover of the systems, which is normally a good sign in terms of the performance of the systems. As always we will keep this review up to date and report back on the long term performance of their traders.

The trading systems are ordered by number followers by default. Example of Signal Trader Trading System info click to enlarge When you click on any of trading system you get their detailed information see picture on the right. The choice of graphs and indicators will be enough for most investors. However, depending on the account size of the trading system, you will have a number of options to either decrease or increase this ratio. Because your trades are executed in a normal trading account, the smallest execution value is 0.

Hence if you set the ratio to x0. When the division ends in a partial lot size, Signal Trader will be round it to the nearest lot size. Hence once you start decreasing the lot sizes your results may not fully match those of the systems you copy anymore. In terms of risk management, there are however no risk protection tools or features.

For example, you cannot automatically stop following a trading system if they lose a certain amount in your account. Hence your account risk management is completely in the hands of the forex traders you copy.

Because they all risk significant amounts of their own money, you would expect them to manage risk in a consistent and professional manner. However, in our opinion, some kind of risk protection against a trader going rogue would have been useful.

As soon as the first trades get mirrored in your broker account, you can monitor your live account from the Signal Trader interface. Costs Opening a Signal Trader live account is totally free of charge and there are no extra management or performance fees to pay. It is however very important to note that the spreads with their partner brokers are slightly marked up by about 0.

It works out about the same as the markup. Arguably, yes, I know we can get lower spreads with some discount fx brokers in the UK, though we would not be able to connect to Signal Trader with them. When we review the costs we always look at the slippage as well. This is the difference in price between what you got in your account and the trader you copy got in their account. Hence they may get different spreads and in terms of trade execution, trades from different brokers and often different continents will be copied.

Having looked in very close detail at the individual trades in our account we have not noticed any slippage so far, which is very impressive. If anything, for the sets of trades we investigated, the slippage was even very slightly in our favour though arguable we did not test this for every trading system — something not in the remit of this review.


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The only trading system you need SignalTrader offers a wide variety of groups and trading styles in order to satisfy anyone and everyone’s trading needs.

Signal Trader. Signal Trader is an amazing high-tech experience that offers users a new way to trade online. Everything is fully automated and live to give the users a sophisticated and outstanding trading software. This new technology is used with actual accounts, real people, real time and real money. Detailed review of Signal Trader's automated forex trade copying platform by real money live account investor. 

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Signal Trader is an automated trading system for Forex traders. Signal Trader works with 15 global Forex brokerage houses, and offers 14 different trading systems for you to . Reviews for By traders, for traders/5(17).

High-frequency trading is carried out by professional traders acting in a proprietary capacity whom engage in a large number of trades on a daily basis. A trade signal is a trigger, based on technical indicators or a mathematical algorithm, that indicates it is a good time to buy or sell a security.

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