It will first appear in two to three stocks a month, every single month. Look at September 15,  

Final Conclusion We simply cannot endorse this trading system.

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According to Guy Cohen, Nicolas Darvas' "secret formula went with him to the grave Around twenty minutes is all it takes Guy Cohen's Flag Trader certainly sounds too good to be true.

Let us try to find out if it is Discover the truth about Guy Cohen's Flag Trader. Is it really as good as it sounds? Did we find any unexpected drawbacks? To discover the answers, read the rest of our revealing review: Posted by Trader-X at 9: Last June , I made a post stating the following: Even though the charts are a few years old, the strategies are still just as applicable. They worked long before I came along, and they will work long after I am gone. That is the good thing about understanding price movement and technical analysis - it works a lot better than chasing new stuff and bouncing around from method to method.

It made another attempt and failed, but both times it pulled back to support at the March high and bounced previous resistance was now support At the beginning of September, it finally broke through 4, and hit my target actually, it exceeded my target by around 60 points.

Price then promptly collapsed, falling back to the 4, mark. What was the significance of 4,? It was the This stuff works - it always has, it always will. Another X formed, as the red line shot straight up and the green line fell. And look what happened next — WWE dropped like a ton of bricks. On August 7, the green line shot straight up, as the red line dramatically fell.

The first X was formed. As they crossed, the second X appeared. But none of this matters. And what do you see on March 16, ? That green line shooting straight up as the red line falls. None of them matter. Because, before any of these things came to pass, that first X had appeared.

These three examples dating from today all the way back to the millennium represent a quick snapshot of something amazing Keith Fitz-Gerald has uncovered.

It will first appear in two to three stocks a month, every single month. Shortly after that X forms, oftentimes within 24 to 48 hours — the stock shoots up. Focus on what happens after it appears… The stock begins to pull back. Global Investors As incredible as this X pattern is on its own


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Last June (), I made a post stating the following: "This blog still gets a fair number of visitors every month, which is why I leave it up.

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