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My regular walking wallets send ME tributes or they stroke their useless dicklet while I go on their computer using TeamViewer to take what is rightfully Mine.

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HypnoSuperior Leave a comment Tuesday, I posted a bit about enjoying taking advantage of those that have the financial fetish. We also trust you to do the same.

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Well this is a page about Me, Master/Sir AlphNffcDom Cash Master. pay piggies,, cashrapes, Financial Domination, slaves, Subs. You will obey Master.

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Short term cash solutions: check advances, title loans. More info & locations here on our website, or call CASH.

Established in , Cash Master has spent the last eleven years acquiring and testing every kind of financial trading, investment and sports betting related system or service on the market; from simple horse racing and football systems to more complex stocks, index, options and forex trading systems and services, as well as passive investment . We provide cash management solutions and advanced count-by-weight devices to customers across retail, banking, food service and many more global industries. 

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Twitter @Alphanffcdom email [email protected] CashMaster Alpha finical Domination. MastersCash Male Master/Slave Community. Femdoms please use

The closer it gets to your payday the more excited you get knowing the moment that money enters your account that you'll get the privilege, the rush and the satisfaction of draining it all to a superior straight Alpha and knowing it's in deserving hands #findom. Cash_Master is waiting for you to enjoy free adult video chat live at

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