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The investigation to try and uncover any little thing I may have not disclosed continued until they realised they couldn't charge me with fraud, and on the 5th Dec they finally accepted liability and made 1 months payment instead of the 3 that were due. Once you've decided on your saving goals, you can figure out how much you need to put away each month. 

The Council of States and the National Council.

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List of prices in Zurich (Switzerland) for food, housing, transportation, going out, and more on Aug Compare the Cost of Living in Zurich with any other city in the world.

The biggest canton sends most people to the National Council. The smallest 6 cantons can only send one person to the National Council. The people of Switzerland can collect signatures if they do not like a new law or a law change. This is called a referendum.

If enough people sign a referendum, the people vote. The people can also collect signatures to change the constitution. This is called an initiative. The constitution is the basic law of a country. In Switzerland and the European Union made a contract.

This contract makes trade even easier. They recently made two other contracts. The banks of Switzerland and the insurance companies in Switzerland together produce eleven per cent of the gross domestic product. Tourism is important in Switzerland. There are many places for tourists. Moritz , Pontresina and Flims are in Switzerland. These towns are important both in winter for skiing and in summer. In the pharmaceutical industry in Switzerland directly and indirectly employed about , people.

They both have invented many life saving drugs because of well developed research and development facilities. Heidi by Johanna Spyri The literature of Switzerland is divided according to the language used. Most Swiss literature was written in German from until French became popular in Bern and elsewhere in the 18th century and many words also in the German speaking parts of Switzerland come from the French and are not known to Germans. Italian language and Romansch-Latin literature are less common in Switzerland.

Heidi , a book for children by Johanna Spyri , is the most famous book of Switzerland. Because of the large mountain range the nature of the country is well suited for such activities. Tsitaliya Mircheva, who founded the fashion and style website Mums in Heels , says: A helpful guidebook to secondhand outlets is Nicht Neu.

Leisure for less Great days out don't have to cost a fortune. The Wildnispark Zurich , a leafy space between the Sihlwald Forest and Langenberg, is home to 16 species of animals, including bears and bison, and costs just six francs for adults or 14 francs for a family ticket — a fifth of the price of Zurich Zoo. Meanwhile, adults and kids alike will be fascinated by the earthquake simulator at Focus Terra , a free-entry museum dedicated to geology.

Or why not take up a hobby that will save money down the line? Veg and the City offers beginners urban gardening classes starting at 95 francs. Go local for groceries Which brings us to saving money on household essentials.

Carina Scheuringer, founder of Switzerland's travel and leisure magazine Spot , recommends looking for the best quality-to-cost ratio locally. I like shopping at local farms, farmers' markets or picking up local produce in places like Farmy , an online farm shop.


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SimpleMoney-UK Simple Money UK is a trading name of ICS AG which is a Swiss company registered in Zürich. Please note that we are not connected to the FCA which is the financial regulatory body. Zurich has once again been named Europe’s most expensive city, but you don’t have to flash the cash – here are our top tips for saving money.

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